Hunting in Mpumalanga, South Africa

Hunting in Mpumalanga, South Africa - Overview

The world renowned, 4.5 million acre Kruger National Park is found in this area and our hunting concessions in this region are large government and private reserves bordering the National Park. Mountains, panoramic passes, valleys, rivers, waterfalls and forests characterise the landscape. This is also Big Game Hunting Country! Hunting in Mpumalanga offers hunters top quality trophies and beautiful surrounds.

Hunting in Mpumalanga provides excellent hippo, crocodile, elephant and leopard hunting.

When hunting in Mpumalanga, non-hunters can enjoy the most amazing photo safaris in the Kruger National Park where the atmosphere is so unique that it allows those who enter its vastness to immerse themselves in the unpredictability and endless wilderness that is the true quality of Africa! Also close by, are the Sudwala Caves - a natural, breath-taking wonder which is over 240 million years old.

Generally referred to as "The East" or the Kruger National Park area.

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