Rifle Information South Africa

Rifle Information Process and Paperwork in South

The importation of your hunting rifles into South Africa is not complicated or difficult at all. All you need to do is to send us the four documents mentioned below.
We will complete all the paperwork on your behalf.

Follow our step-by-step guide below.

Step One:

Obtain a Customs Declaration Form 4457 from your nearest customs office. Click here for more information on. Always keep the original stamped copy in your passport  and have photo copies of it handy. Please note that due to new regulations, 4457 documents have to be issued in the YEAR OF TRAVEL. If your document has an expiry date, please ensure that it does not expire before or during your hunting safari.

Step Two:

Send us the following by faxing it to: 815-361-9079 or scan the documents and e-mail them to hunting@somerbysafaris.co.za

Step Three:

Read the following information and Procedures. To transport your rifle in and out of the USA, the only documentation you need to be in possession of is a Customs Declarations Form 4457.

When you arrive in South Africa:

  • Proceed through passport control; claim your general luggage at the carousel.
  • Look for the firearms representative – he will be standing with all the rifles
  • Present your passport and luggage tag and sign for your rifle to be released (only SAA passengers not Delta)
  • Exit through the doors where you will be met by a Somerby Safaris representative.
  • We will then take you to the police office where we have already given them your rifle paperwork.
  • You will have to open your rifle cases so the serial numbers can be compared to that on the permit.
  • You will sign the SAP520 form and the register book and wait for the rifle to be released.
  • You will be given a permit – check that your name, serial no and departure date is correct.
  • Keep it safely in your gun case and present it to the police at time of departure for your rifle to be able to leave SA.

 very important information.

Firearm & Ammunition Allowances and Specifications.

  • Only one firearm per caliber is allowed per person
  • Ammunition is to be packed in a separate container, which has to be locked and marked with details.
  • In total 11 pounds , not more than 200 rounds, is allowed per hunter. 40-60 rounds per rifle is sufficient.
  • No person under 21 years may bring a firearm in under their own name
  • Prohibited firearms, which may NOT be imported into South Africa  includes:
    Semi or fully automatic weapon, Handguns for self-defence, weapons which fall under military categories