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Somerby Hunting Safaris - hunting outfitter company in South Africa

How to choose a hunting outfitter to hunt with in South Africa?

Choosing a hunting outfitter in South Africa is not an easy task. At all the hunting expo’s there are 100’s of hunting outfitters who are all reputable and there is a certain standard that we all have to comply with, so we all offer relatively the same services. But what sets Somerby Safaris apart as the hunting outfitter company in South Africa apart from any other outfitter is the prime pristine areas we hunt, the exceptional trophy quality that we have to offer and then our personal touch.

We go above and beyond to make sure EVERY safari is an experience that will remain etched in your memory books for life! We have many clients that have hunted in South Africa with a couple of different outfitters, but once they come on their first hunt with us, they never switch outfitters again, because we deliver exceptional services. Whether you are planning a perfect trophy hunt, an exciting family African safari or a romantic getaway with your partner… Somerby Safaris is your ultimate South African hunting destination with endless horizons, attractive sunsets and star-studded night skies awaiting your arrival.


Hunts are booked in specific areas according to our client’s trophy requirements, thus ensuring outstanding trophy quality as well as the utmost levels of personal attention from Somerby Safaris’ professionals. We have prime concessions across South Africa and we constantly acquire new areas so that we can continue to ensure the top trophy quality that we have always provided. With Somerby Safaris you will not only experience one lodge and one area, but you will get value for your dollar and experience more of what South Africa has to offer. Many of our hunters and their families choose to return for their 3rd and 4th trips! Our reviews speak volume and our repeat hunting safari bookings are over 50 %. Please go to the reviews section of our website to see what our past hunters have to say and feel free to contact any of them.

Apart from the quality of hunting that we have to offer, we also offer Family friendly activities while on safari to ensure that the non-hunters have a blast while the hunters are out in the field hunting for the trophies of their dreams! Their personal tour guide will take them on daily sight-seeing trips and activities such as hugging elephants, cuddling lion cubs, horse riding, shopping at local markets, all within an hours drive from the hunting area and will be back before sunset to celebrate the daily hunting success with you over a good glass of wine next to an African campfire.

Somerby Safaris is committed to giving every client an exceptional African adventure experience that they can take home with them and cherish for a lifetime! Come and join us on the adventure of a lifetime, where you will experience the thrill of a perfect hunt, enjoy great company, fine food and sumptuous accommodation and go home with memories that will keep you coming back time after time.