Hunting Baboon in South Africa

Hunting Baboon in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

When hunting baboon in South Africa, we generally hunt the chacma species of baboon. Baboons can be very aggressive. It is a known fact that they would viciously counter-attack their predators when threatened. Baboons are also very socialized and it is this fact that makes it such a difficult hunt – baboons always have a sentry on duty that never sleeps. Due to the high intelligence of these animals, they are generally able to tell the difference between a game hand on a reserve and an armed hunter.

Hunting baboon in South Africa is therefore an extremely rewarding hunt, being one of the most difficult animals to hunt. Somerby Safaris will offer you a baboon hunt experience unlike any other, With the diversity of our hunting areas and the high level of skill and experience of our professional hunters, baboon hunting with us is a thrilling and fulfilling adventure.