Hunting Honey Badger in South Africa

Hunting Honey Badger in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

One of Africa's most ferocious animals, honey badgers have been known to attack lions and buffalo when threatened. They have a powerful bite and loose skin which enables them to wriggle out of any grasp. Honey badgers are terrestrial, quadrupedal animals with a cylindrical body. Their forefeet are long and broad, they have powerful claws that are used for digging and climbing. In contrast, the hind legs have smaller, constrained claws. Honey badgers have an average shoulder height of 10 inches and weigh approximately 26 pounds.

When hunting honey badger in South Africa, these animals are active around the clock. Hunting honey badger in Africa can be done as a hunt of opportunity while on the stalk for other animals, but you should always let us know if you would like to specifically hunt this species as honey badger hunting is often done as a baited hunt, and is especially satisfying when bow hunting in Africa.

Hunting honey badger in South Africa with Somerby Safaris is an experience unlike any other. Our professional hunters have a wealth of experience in hunting honey badger and will guide you each and every step of the way.