Hunting Black Wildebeest in South Africa

Hunting Black Wildebeest in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

Wildebeest generally stick to savannah type habitat, and the most common way of hunting a black wildebeest is the traditional spot-and-stalk. Hunting black wildebeest is best done during the morning or late afternoon while the herd is grazing. Hunting black wildebeest is extremely exciting and entertaining, although it can be a tough animal to bring down. We offer black wildebeest hunts of superior quality in prime areas which are large, government-owned game reserves. Herds of animals have roamed these vast expanses of land for years. Hunting black wildebeest within these large areas is a complete free-range hunt.  We pride ourselves not only in top trophy quality, but in the complete authentic hunting experience. Our professional hunters have years of experience hunting black wildebeest and will guide you in taking your dream trophy black wildebeest home.