Hunting Bontebok in South Africa

Hunting Bontebok in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

Bontebok hunting in South Africa is a hunt for the more experienced trophy hunter, looking to add something new to their collection. The bontebok is a medium-sized, dark brown antelope with a prominent, wide white blaze on its face, with a pure white rump, belly and hocks, and black-tipped tail. Both sexes have horns, although the horns of the males are heavier and longer than those of females. Bontebok have an average shoulder height of 35 inches and weight of 160 pounds. Bontebuck is the most beautiful in the trio of three, including the common and white Blesbuck. Bontebuck will cross breed with blesbuck. Each herd must be certified with Nature Conservation and a Certificate of Purity is to be issued by the same authority.

African hunting is an experience all on its own and hunting bontebok in South Africa with Somerby Safaris will be an excellent hunt for the discerning sportsman. We have a variety of hunting areas and concessions, always making sure that we do not overhunt and that we provide our hunters with the best quality trophies and hunts.