Hunting Eland in South Africa

Hunting Eland in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

With no seasonal restrictions on hunting eland in South Africa, this spiral horned antelope is the perfect trophy for the discerning hunter looking to add a beautiful and classic African trophy to their collection. An eland has fawn coloring and long black spiral horns, which is found on both males and females.

An eland can weigh up to 2000 pounds and stands at approximately 76 inches, making it South Africa’s largest antelope. Due to eland being a rather skittish species and considering its incredible size, hunting eland in South Africa is an extremely exciting and rewarding experience. These magnificent animals have extremely good eyesight and can jump up to 7 feet high, making them a truly satisfying and fulfilling trophy to hunt.

Eland are found in semi-arid areas but can also be found in grasslands, woodlands, sub desert, bush and mountaintops.

Hunting eland in South Africa with Somerby Safaris is an experience unlike any other. Due to the diversity of our hunting areas, our hunts are fair chase with outstanding trophy quality. We constantly strive to acquire new concessions to continue to ensure the top trophy quality we have achieved the past 10 years. We manage our areas well by not over hunting them and resting them rotationally.