Hunting Fallow Deer in South Africa

Hunting Fallow Deer in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

When hunting fallow deer in South Africa, the same methods can be used that would be used when hunting whitetail deer in North America.  It is most active during the morning and late afternoon hours. Fallow deer hunting can be an extremely exciting hunt, especially during the early stages of the rut (more information below). Somerby Safaris has only the best hunting areas to hunt fallow deer and our professional hunters will take you on the adventure of a lifetime to get the best trophy possible. Fallow deer hunting in South Africa is a very unique hunt and we have years of experience in hunting these majestic deer. Somerby Safaris will take you on a fallow deer hunting adventure in the Eastern Cape and Free State Provinces.

Trophy fallow deer is an incredibly interesting animal to hunt especially during the rut, when stags can be heard calling and one can detect and stalk stags by the sound of crashing antlers. The rut for fallow deer runs from March - June and hunters looking at hunting fallow deer in rut must be advised: the earlier in the rut the better. Stags lose their antlers towards the end of September into October, with regrowth starting almost immediately in spring.