Hunting Gemsbuck in South Africa

Hunting Gemsbuck in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

A favourite for first time African hunters, gemsbuck hunting in South Africa is a truly unique experience with an extremely high reward. Gemsbuck hunting is mainly done using ambush techniques in open country, as well as walk and stalk techniques. Hunting gemsbuck in Africa means that a good set of walking boots are an essential, as you will most likely get to see a lot of our beautiful country while you are searching for a trophy. There are various methods of hunting gemsbuck in Africa, but there will generally be a mix of driving, walking and spot and stalk.

Somerby Safaris will take you on a gemsbuck hunt that is both memorable and rewarding. We pride ourselves on our beautiful and diverse areas that have been chosen with the utmost care and are not overhunted. Our professional hunters are extremely experienced in gemsbuck hunting and will lead you all the way in getting your perfect gemsbuck trophy. Hunting gemsbuck with Somerby Safaris will take place in the Kalahari and Free State as a general rule, but sometimes in the Limpopo area.