Hunting Giraffe in South Africa

Hunting Giraffe in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

Hunting giraffe in South Africa can be a thrilling hunt, due to their excellent eyesight and huge height advantage, especially if they are not used to vehicles or humans. Giraffe hunting can sometimes not be a particularly challenging hunt as they can be easily be tracked due to their sheer size. When hunting giraffe in South Africa, they are usually spotted from a vehicle and then followed on foot making use of as much cover as possible – spot and stalk method. The giraffe trophy is an excellent and extremely unique addition to the trophy room.

Somerby Safaris’ professional hunters have years of experience hunting giraffe and will take you on a great adventure tracking and taking down these majestic animals. Due to the diversity of our hunting areas, giraffe can be hunted year-round and you will not leave disappointed.