Hunting Impala in South Africa

Hunting Impala in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

Hunting impala in South Africa is perfect for the first time African hunter and these common antelope are a must-have for any hunter’s trophy collection. Impala hunting is best done during the autumn rut when the most impressive trophies are usually found within the breeding herds. Impala hunting is made challenging due to this antelope’s keen sense of hearing and smell, and their impeccable eyesight. It is imperative to make cautious and calculated stalks to successfully complete your impala hunt. Impalas also herd together when alarmed, which could result in shooting more than one with a single shot.

Somerby Safaris specializes in hunting of the classic African antelope like impala. Hunting impala is like breathing to our professional hunters and we take our hunters to only the best areas to successfully snag their trophy impala. Impala hunting with Somerby Safaris will generally take place in Limpopo, Eastern Cape, Zululand and in the Kalahari.