Hunting Lion in South Africa

Hunting Lion in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

A lion is a highly esteemed trophy and taking a good one is a major achievement for both the hunter and safari staff. Lions can be extremely dangerous when provoked or wounded. One must always consider the possibility of more Lions getting involved. The trophy quality is determined by the age, mane, size of the head and the overall size of the body. Both males and females make for great trophies, but a big maned male is regarded as the #1 trophy for many a hunter traveling to Africa.

Somerby Safaris conduct fair-chase african lion hunting in the Kalahari region, right on the border of Botswana and can therefore offer you the best Lion Hunting in Africa. Spotting a Lion track in the sandy soils of the Kalahari and then stalking across the light brush and grass cover, doing this several times till you come within shooting range is exhilarating.  African Big game hunting at its best, under watchful eyes of our well experienced and respected dangerous game Professional hunters. Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime when you book a lion hunt with Somerby Safaris!