Hunting Reedbuck in South Africa

Hunting Reedbuck in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

Hunting mountain reedbuck in South Africa is a very specialized hunt, with the mountain reedbuck forming a part of the elusive Tiny Ten. This is more of a collector’s hunt and Somerby Safaris specializes in mountain reedbuck hunting for the experienced hunter looking to add to their growing collection. When hunting mountain reedbuck in Africa some strenuous walking and climbing may be involved.  Trophy mountain reedbuck are not named without a reason, as they live high in the rocks and mountains. Due to them being a member of the Tiny Ten antelopes of Africa, hunting mountain reedbuck is always a done as a trophy hunt. Somerby Safaris has years of experience in hunting mountain reedbuck and our professional hunters will take you an adventure in in one of our outstanding hunting areas for your trophy mountain reedbuck that will not disappoint.