Hunting Red Duiker in South Africa

Hunting Red Duiker in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

Hunting red duiker in South Africa is a very specialized hunt, with the red duiker forming a part of the elusive Tiny Ten. This is more of a collector’s hunt and Somerby Safaris specializes in red duiker hunting for the experienced hunter looking to add to their growing collection. Red duiker hunting in Africa usually takes place during the morning hours or late afternoon. Hunters look for activity or spoor along roads or open areas where the duiker is known to be feeding. Red duikers are often "called" in. Somerby Safaris will take you on an adventure to hunt red duiker in the Zululand and Mpumalanga provinces of South Africa. Our areas are diverse and we take the utmost care to select the best area for your red duiker hunt. Our experienced professional hunters have years of experience in hunting red duiker and will take you on the hunt of a lifetime to complete your Tiny Ten hunt.