Hunting Red Hartebeest in South Africa

Hunting Red Hartebeest in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

When hunting red hartebeest in South Africa, the best approach is to first glass from high ground. Red hartebeests are usually easily to spot in open country and red hartebeest hunting can be best achieved by setting up an ambush close to approaches to shady resting places. Hunting red hartebeest works best when stalking is done dawn or dusk, when they are most active. Somerby Safaris will take you on the red hartebeest hunt of a lifetime – our hunting areas are extremely diverse and rich with wildlife and our professional hunters have years of experience in hunting red hartebeest. Red hartebeest hunting with Somerby Safaris will take place in the Free State, Kalahari and Eastern Cape and also sometimes in the Limpopo area.