Hunting Rhino in South Africa

Hunting Rhino in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

Hunting rhino in South Africa is the greatest heart-pounding experience and has traditionally been one of the biggest milestones of the Big Game hunter’s achievements when hunting in Africa to complete their big five collection. This majestic animal is known to be the second-largest land animal in the world and can be quite elusive- ensuring the most remarkable and rewarding hunting experience!

In the past, due to the demand for rhino horn, Rhinos have almost been hunted to extinction, but thanks to hunters and conservationists, white rhino numbers increased significantly in the last few years. Unfortunately, Black rhino is still a protected species.

Both Rhino species can be hunted, however the Black Rhino hunting permits requirements are much stricter than those of the White Rhino. When booking a rhino hunt, it is of utmost importance to book with an outfitter that has a good reputation and who specialises in big game hunting.

Somerby Safaris conducts rhino hunting in pristine, large hunting areas in South Africa, offering you the best opportunity to successfully hunt this remarkable trophy.

We pride ourselves not only in top trophy quality, but also in the most memorable, authentic African hunting experience – ensuring that every hunt is an experience you will never forget!