Hunting Roan in South Africa

Hunting Roan in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

When hunting roan antelope, do not underestimate the power of your rifle. Trophy roan are sizeable, resilient and aggressive, and may pose potential danger. It is recommended to look for spoor around the water holes on your roan hunting adventure and seize the opportunity at first light they are feeding in the open. The bulls can be lofty and not difficult to approach. Practice caution and always be at the ready, as they may decide to charge. Somerby Safaris has years of experience in hunting roan in a safe and effective manner, in one of our beautiful and species-rich concessions. Our experienced and skilled professional hunters will take the utmost care to guide you on an out of this world roan hunting adventure. Hunting roan in South Africa with Somerby Safaris will take place in the Free State and Kalahari. A true collector’s specie.