Hunting Sable in South Africa

Hunting Sable in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

Hunting sable in South Africa is best done during the early morning hours and late afternoon when they graze in or near the open grasslands. Sable hunting in South Africa will comprise searching for the animal and then stalking on foot to get within shooting range of your targeted trophy sable. Somerby Safaris has an outstanding track record with sable hunting. Our areas are prime and our experienced professional hunters will be more than equipped at helping you put your sable trophy in the salt. Due to the large size and aggressive nature of this beautiful antelope, hunting sable can be an extremely exciting and interesting endeavor. Sable hunting in Africa with Somerby Safaris is conducted in the Limpopo, Free State, and Eastern Cape provinces, and in Zimbabwe. Many hunters choose to combine their sable hunts with Cape Buffalo hunting.