Hunting Serval in South Africa

Hunting Serval in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

Hunting serval in South Africa requires a special permit. Even if you do spot a serval out on a hunt, you will be unable to export your trophy if this permit has not been obtained first. If you are interested in a serval hunt, always let us know well in advance. Still hunting is a method used for hunting serval in Africa, as serval venture out into cleared fields due to the possibility of prey. We also hunt serval at night with a spotlight. Night hunting can be an extremely exciting and fulfilling experience. It is thrilling to hunt at night – time spent outdoors at night always feels more exciting and night hunting can be quite challenging, which brings with it a great sense of accomplishment. Serval hunts can also be done with hounds. Somerby Safaris will take you on the serval hunt of a lifetime. Our serval hunting adventures are conducted exclusively in the Mpumalanga province and together with our outstanding areas and experienced professional hunters, hunting serval in Africa with Somerby Safaris is an experience you will never forget.