Hunting Kudu in South Africa

Hunting Kudu in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

Hunting kudu in South Africa is one of the top antelopes to hunt in Africa. Every hunter wants to take down one of these impressive animals; not only is the hunt itself extremely exciting, but a kudu trophy is an extremely impressive addition to any hunter’s collection. When kudu hunting, this beast is often referred to as the Grey Ghost. Hunting kudu in Africa can be very challenging, as it has extraordinary senses, can jump extremely high and travels at remarkable speed. Some of the best kudu hunting methods include stalking their feeding areas early in the morning, or ambushing the bulls as they return to cover and higher grounds. Somerby Safaris specialises in hunting kudu in South Africa, ensuring that our hunters experience only the very best areas and are set up with professional hunters with fantastic skills and years of experience in hunting kudu. When hunting kudu (specifically the Souther Greater Kudu) with Somerby Safaris, we will hunt in the Limpopo and Zululand areas, or the Eastern Cape for Eastern Cape kudu.