Hunting Steenbuck in South Africa

Hunting Steenbuck in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

When hunting steenbuck in Africa, this little antelope forms part of the Tiny Ten. It is important to stalk carefully when steenbuck hunting. The norm is that the steenbuck will lie in wait until the very last moment before starting and running off at great speed. It often runs a short distance before turning to look back and deciding to continue its flight. This affords a good opportunity for you to take your shot on your African steenbuck hunt. Somerby Safaris prides itself on our outstanding and varied hunting areas that are perfect for steenbuck hunting. Our professional hunters are excellent in hunting the tiny ten antelope and will guide you all the way in getting the trophy steenbuck that you desire. When hunting steenbuck in South Africa with Somerby Safaris, the hunts take place in the Free State, Limpopo and Kalahari.