Hunting Suni in South Africa

Hunting Suni in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

Hunting suni in South Africa is a very specialized hunt, with the suni forming a part of the elusive Tiny Ten. This is more of a collector’s hunt and Somerby Safaris specializes in suni hunting for the experienced hunter looking to add to their growing collection. Suni hunting can definitely be classified as a destination hunt. Hunting suni in Africa is done primarily along game trails, which they tend to frequent and this can make them relatively easy to trap. When hunting suni in Africa, a hunter can take advantage of the suni’s habit of freezing briefly, before taking flight again. Somerby Safaris have highly specialized professional hunters, trained and experienced in hunting the Tiny Ten antelopes of Africa. We have the best concessions and hunting areas, to ensure that you successfully get your trophy suni antelope to add to your trophy room back home. Experience unrivaled Tiny Ten hunting for a trophy suni with Somerby Safaris. Hunting suni in South Africa takes place in the Zululand and some parts of the Eastern Cape.