Hunting Warthog in South Africa

Hunting Warthog in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

Hunting warthog in Africa can be an extremely exciting experience. Trophy warthog are perpetually on the move and shooting one can prove to be challenging. When they run or trot, they hold their tail straight up. Warthog hunting can be done by searching for tracks leading to water. African warthogs like to bask in the mud and frequent waterholes. When hunting African warthogs, hunters must ensure that they are downwind from the animal because despite its bad eyesight, a warthog’s sense of smell and hearing are both exceptional. Whether you are setting out for a trophy warthog specifically or encounter one by chance, Somerby Safaris offers the best warthog hunting in South Africa. Our hunting areas are outstanding, with a variety of species and our professional hunters have skill and experience second to none. Your African warthog hunt will be both exciting and rewarding. Our superb hunting areas are home to warthog with extremely impressive tusks. When hunting warthog in South Africa with Somerby Safaris we will hunt in the Limpopo, Eastern Cape, North West and Zululand provinces.