Hunting White Blesbuck in South Africa

Hunting White Blesbuck in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

Contrary to popular belief, a white blesbuck is simply a colour variation of the common blesbuck and not a subspecies. The entire body is covered in a mottled white coat and horns are usually light in colour, giving a yellow Perspex appearance. The white blesbuck has a distinct white blaze on the face and the belly, inner parts of the buttocks and the legs, below the knee, are white. Both sexes have horns. White blesbuck can stand up to 95 cm tall and weigh approximately 70 kg. A white blesbuck is a perfect addition to the trophy room, especially to hang next to your common blesbuck.

When hunting white blesbuck in South Africa, you will be guided by your professional hunter on a thrilling stalk with a great reward. With our diverse hunting areas and top quality trophies, you will be treated to an exciting and unrivaled hunting experience.