Hunting Zebra in South Africa

Hunting Zebra in South Africa - Hunter's Notes

Zebra hunting can prove very challenging as judging stallions from mares can be difficult, and the zebra is a remarkably resilient member of the equine family. Hunting zebra in South Africa is usually done via spot and stalk methods, or still hunting if you are a bow hunter. Zebra are most active during the early morning or late afternoon hours, and can be found wandering to and from water sources. If they are in open terrain, a stalk can be quite difficult as they have very good eyesight and the herd will be on high alert for danger. When hunting zebra in South Africa, these animals are very prolific and make for an extremely exciting and rewarding hunt. Our hunting areas are of the highest quality and our professional hunters have years of experience in guiding you on a successful and rewarding zebra hunt. We offer zebra hunts of exceptional quality in excellent areas which are large, government-owned game reserves. Herds of animals have roamed these vast expanses of land for years. Hunting zebra within these large areas is a complete free-range hunt.  We pride ourselves not only in top trophy quality, but in the complete authentic hunting experience. Zebras make excellent rugs and pedestal hunts.